September 28, 2012

Ecuador asked UK to grant safe conduct to Julian Assange

Ecuador reiterates UK asked to grant safe conduct to Julian Assange: Chancellor Patiño 

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino stressed on Wednesday the need for safe conduct granted UK citizen Julian Assange as a sign of respect for the European nation to the full observance of international law on asylum and human rights protection. The statement, reiterating that the meeting with his British counterpart William Hague, was in the forum "The Diplomatic Asylum: Strengthening the International System of Human Rights", which took place in New York.

Faced forum questions regarding the position exposed face Ecuador to meet with Hague, scheduled for Thursday 27 September, the Minister Patiño said the country hopes to continue the path of dialogue to find a solution to the impasse that has occurred between Ecuador and the United Kingdom, in order to protect the human rights of Julian Assange and his physical and emotional.

"I will raise him Mr Hague is the need to provide safe conduct granted asylum acquire this most effective, and that Assange is not a victim of persecution," said Foreign Minister Patiño under the event developed in the 67th General Assembly United Nations, New York.

"Asylum is a fundamental human right which requires all states to grant it, being the primary cause safeguard the life, personal safety and freedom of the protected person," he said. The protection afforded to the citizen Julian Assange is a decision that shows the fight for freedom of expression and human rights, and the figure shows that asylum is respected everywhere in the world.

"Tomorrow (Thursday 27th), here in New York, we will have a meeting with the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, William Hague, and hope to continue the dialogue with the best of spirits and the hope of finding a way out of this sensitive issue, "he said. "The granting of asylum has generated a fundamental right in the person of Julian Assange".

The forum also participated Australian citizen Assange, who through a videoconference from the Embassy of Ecuador in London, reiterated her desire for freedom of expression.

In his speech the Minister Patiño defended the changes implemented by the country and achievements in human rights through a combination of actions that have marked a turning point against the decades that Ecuador was under oligarchic power groups, they put the Ecuadorian government accountable to corporate interests. He said that since the government of President Rafael Correa began a new development model framed in a more inclusive and participatory constitution.

"The Constitution condemns all forms of imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, recognizes the right of peoples to resistance and liberation from all forms of oppression, recognizes international law as a rule of conduct and demand the democratization of multilateral agencies," said Foreign Minister Patiño. In turn, the foreign minister said that Ecuador, according to their responsibilities to human rights and fundamental freedoms and, in the exercise of its sovereignty, took the decision to grant diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.



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