September 28, 2012

U.S. is worse than the terrorists they hunt

Flashback by:  Espressino

Ursprungligen postat av Theron
Does it mean that the U.S. now also keeps örnkoll (control) on FB threads on Assange with his illegal support troops in Sweden?

It fixes FRA, which then writes home to big brother and tell you how things are with both man and beast! No, those days are past when the United States was an enticement, the goal was for my holiday in the sun and was the foundation of my political worldview, it was the fact! Like so many others in my generation, it was they who were of the right stuff. Today the ideals in shambles, the U.S. is worse than the terrorists they hunt, and fires with the fans who once supported, to keep warm. So when GOD your religious hypocrite *, read, go home, redo, and do it right!

Hypocrites = hypocrite
a person or a state who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 

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