September 29, 2012

Swedish Amnesty and Marianne Ny seem to use the same template

Flashback by: HansLucas

Ursprungligen postat av GummoGunnmo
Swedish Amnesty is well infiltrated and eaten from the inside since long. Read, for example, report "Case closed. Rape and human rights in the Nordic countries."
Thanks for the reminder about the report. It contains a formulation that has been discussed before:

According to the legislative preparatory works required either very or serious violence for an act to constitute rape: it is enough to act mannnen "subjects the victim's bodily movement" by, for example hold the victim in the arms or using their body weight, or force apart the victim's legs.
Compare with the accusation against Assange, as formulated in the EAW:

Assange has been held on 13-14 August 2010 in AA plaintiff's residence in Stockholm by violence forced her to endure that he prevented her movements. Violence has been that he held onto her arms and forced her legs apart and lying on top of her with his body weight overpowered her and thereby prevented her from moving or move.
Swedish Amnesty and Marianne Ny seem to use the same template.

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