September 11, 2012

suspended and unsuspended

Well guys...  this is how you get suspended...

shall I be embarrassed?  naaaaaah

On this night Twitter round I was clicking here and there, I commented on a friend's post, actually I rephrased her comment clearer and minutes later I found myself... SUS-PEND ed... how could that be possible? 

Twitter cut my wings... so sad ... LOL - see for yourselves...

I kept clicking to follow Antony and I could not, I had another profile opened and I also tried and it gave me the unwanted warning... ^~^

I followed the link of the suspension page and it gave me a lovely preaching of how naughty I was...

After filling promises and more coded promises, they let me fly again... now I am on probation

The suspension only lasted about 3-5 minutes including my "reading"... 
and this last post is the culprit... the Plstell12-imperialist
(Carol is my friend)
December 11th, 2012

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WikiLeaks Monument - Berlin
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