September 28, 2012

Possible surprises on extradition

 Flashback by: duqu


Having been in the U.S. for a while now, and advise against, just stare on what the military has in Virginia. There are several possible malsagare that may arise on short notice: Stratfor - BoA and possibly Julius Baer can on short notice bring different atal to such a degree that it may become extradition, Swartholms adventures on Kronobergshaktet pointing in this direction.

Everything points on the previous suspicions, chosen because ground is a sideshow ..... Swedish media mentions nothing about the evacuation of U.S. citizens is now happening in Israel, looks like it is now only a matter of time before Israel gives in on Iran.

Obama will do anything to keep away, but there is a single thing, except the grenade thing with the embassy recently. Stable tips attack in the next few weeks, large troop concentrations pagar and sacred wall now has more soldiers a praying Jews, more later.

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