September 28, 2012

Assange case is both a legal and a political disgrace for Sweden

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No, those days are past when the United States was an enticement, the goal was for my holiday in the sun and was the foundation of my political worldview, it was the fact! Like so many others in my generation, it was they who were of the right stuff. Today the ideals in shambles, the U.S. is worse than the terrorists they hunt, and fires with the fans who once supported, to keep warm. So when GOD your religious hypocrite *, read, go home, redo, and do it right!

As true as it was said. It is time that Sweden are beginning to realize this and not involuntarily running U.S. business. The innocent "last-night-with-gang-USA" is long dead but the romanticizing U.S. image remains with way too many people in Sweden. The U.S. is not a role model, whether it be domestic policy, foreign policy, or hypocrisy. It's time that the Swedish government are beginning to realize which way it barks. "Dein papieren" will next be pronounced "Your papers!" and if we continue with the U.S. and NATO passion, it becomes "your papers!" when the authorities must make sure that we are all thinking right.

Assange deal is both a legal and a political disgrace for Sweden, and a result of our politicians, U.S. and NATO craze. We have chosen the side and creeps obediently to 2000s bad guys, just as we crawled the 1940s bad guys. It's getting a nasty Swedish habit this.
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