September 22, 2012

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 FLASHBACK: 'Madame Ny' behaving extremely unprofessionally (translation)

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And there is nothing strange with the "prosecution question," deciding not to prosecute before the investigation is complete.

Why do you not done it? This is where the strange lies.

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Ursprungligen postat av Knifvur

..... that he could not be heard during the preliminary investigation because he is in hiding the Swedish legal system.

This is getting tedious.

You ignore the fact that the Swedish judicial system is now part of the European. You ignore that Assange voluntarily appeared before the British court 7 Dember 2010, immediately when the EAW: n was valid. After 10 days in solitary confinement, he obediently appeared on British police every day for 500 days. He cooperated nicely with the justice system.

In the European legal order which Sweden belongs there, EAW and MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance). Madame New has stubbornly refused to use the latter, both before and after the EAW's issue. Thus, she has failed to complete the investigation and manage to shoot the question of prosecutions before them for nearly two years. You can never vanish this fact. New acting unprofessional, to use a mild adjective.

It is desirable that we have a hearing and then a decision to prosecute the matter. Ecuador is more constructive on this issue than the Swedish prosecutor.

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