September 29, 2012

Swedish Amnesty differs with its parent organization on Assange

Flashback by: Espressino

Published: kl 19:53 , Radio Sweden

The Swedish branch of the human rights organization Amnesty International differs in opinion from its parent organization on the matter of Wikileaks frontman, Julian Assange, who has been ordered to come to Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes.
On Thursday, the global office had appealed to Sweden to guarantee Assange would not be sent to the U.S., if he were to come to Sweden to answer questions - as the UK Supreme Court has ordered him to do.
But the Swedish branch of Amnesty wrote Friday that they do not believe requesting such guarantees from the government would be possible or approriate. For now, the Swedish Amnesty believes the focus should be on getting Assange to participate in the legal process here. However, the Swedish Amnesty branch wrote they would oppose Sweden sending Assange to the US if the situation arises.
Assange is currently living in London at the Ecuadoran Embassy, where he has been granted asylum.

Is not it strange that Swedish local departments have a different agenda than the International. The same was with Pirate Party who deviated from their German colleagues. Now we are waiting for the Red Cross can not support an international gathering to jeopardize Swedish neutrality.

We support Assange if he comes here and risk being deported,
Shame on you! An emptier promises have never previously left Amnesty in Sweden.

You were earlier today cupped the afa's Martin Fredriksson, based at Expo. As with a feminist agenda, and undemocratic practices driven by anything but fair treatment of Assange. 
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