September 28, 2012

Sweden is obliged to extradite people under US requests

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Amnesty says from!

Svenska Dagbladet quotes Paul Wrange in his commentary:

"We are in principle obliged to extradite people U.S. requests extradition subject to a number of conditions are met, the law expert Paul Wrange earlier told SVT's Rapport." []

Disclosure of Sweden require British approval, but according Tuscanas investigation earlier in the thread, it is sufficient enough that the relevant government minister says yes. Current British government will hardly say no.

Original Flashback:

____________Article reads_____________

Amnesty: Sweden should promise not to send Assange to the U.S.

Swedish authorities should issue a pledge not to hand over Assange to the United States if he agrees to travel to Sweden, urges Amnesty International.

- If the Swedish authorities are able to publicly confirm that Assange will not be on a plane heading to the United States if he submits himself to the Swedish courts, it will lead to two things, said Nicola Duckworth, chief investigator for Amnesty International, in a statement .

- First, it will break the current deadlock and
- secondly, it will mean that women who have addressed allegations of sexual abuse are not denied justice, continues Duckworth.

Amnesty's appeal comes days after it called Wikileaksgrundaren Assange yesterday addressed political leaders at UN headquarters and among other things urged Barack Obama to "stop chasing WikiLeaks" .

The human rights organization claims that the extradition to the United States would expose Assange a "real risk of serious human rights abuses" as expression, and that he would be at risk of being subjected to torture.

Requirements similar promises from Sweden is nothing new, but has, among other things expressed by WikiLeaks earlier. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has dismissed assurances from politicians, arguing that it would then move on ministerial rule.

Since Sweden has an extradition treaty with the United States can not make that kind of commitment.

- We are in principle obliged to extradite people to the U.S. requests extradition subject to a number of conditions are met, the law expert Paul Wrange earlier told SVT's Rapport.

The Australian Assange has sought and received asylum in Ecuador and is since last summer at the country's embassy in London. Swedish judiciary has requested that he handed over to Sweden for questioning on sex crimes allegations, something that Britain agreed, but negotiations between Ecuador and the UK have so far been unsuccessful.

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