September 28, 2012

How long will Sweden keep pretending that this is a non issue?

Flashback by: Espressino 

Assange at the UN: Stop chasing WikiLeaks

Swedish judiciary has international wanted Wikileaksgrundaren Assange to question him about a couple of women's complaints against him in 2010 for rape and sexual molestation. He is not charged with a crime.

Ecuador says it can let Assange stay at its embassy in London in "for years if necessary." The news, the UK and Sweden have in negotiating his fate, writes AFP

Kingdom of Sweden mentioned safe a hundred times a night Swedish time, and that was in less flattering terms.

The discussion was conducted almost entirely in Spanish which could be interpreted to mean that English is the world language is within the expiry date. South America is now definitely on a collision course with the U.S.. Sweden is squashed between the shields and it should start to hurt. How long is Sweden pretend that this is a non issue? Tourist Association acidic spent money on getting more tourists here seem to be discarded in favor of statsfeministerns campaign to highlight Sweden that feminism Saudi Arabia.

Edit: Correspondingly profiteering Ecuador at the events!

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