September 28, 2012

Extradicting Assange to US a loss of prestige for Sweden and the USA

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Amnesty says from!

Svenska Dagbladet quotes Paul Wrange in his commentary:

"We are in principle obliged to extradite people U.S. requests extradition subject to a number of conditions are met, the law expert Paul Wrange earlier told SVT's Rapport."

Disclosure of Sweden require British approval, but according Tuscanas investigation earlier in the thread, it is sufficient enough that the relevant government minister says yes. Current British government will hardly say no.
It was quite unexpected. Amnesty's now almost a part of the establishment. At the same time, it is a worldwide organization, and such America may have pressed to get this kind of statement. A loss of prestige for Sweden and the USA, it is naturally.

Now the man from the Swedish official sources, systems maintenance and hugs Assangehate hold course, to say that Sweden CAN NOT make any guarantees. First, it would encroach on judicial independence (Bildt). Then it became extradition treaty with the U.S. that made it impossible (Wrange). But I have shown, I think, that the extradition treaty allows Sweden to say no to the request for extradition for Wikileaksrelaterade deeds.

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Edit: See also Groinks (see below translation please) posts
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Groink's Translation of his post :
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The agreement obligates not Sweden to extradite an Australian citizen to the United States for crimes not committed in the United States (unless the Swedish courts would have jurisdiction in the case).
In many countries, the U.S. included, want to see all the things that are available online in the U.S. that events in the United States. Ie., In the case of WikiLeaks as the U.S. believes that i.o.m. it is available in the USA it is committed in the United States. There are several judgments in various countries where the issue raised where the courts bought that argument. And a lot where you can not buy it, too, should be added. 

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