September 24, 2012

Swedish prosecutors are right Assange followers aren't

By wtfuk

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Here are Goran Rudlings submission to the law in the UK, Here punktar his reason and the actions he has taken, among others, he has been in contact with MN office to talk about the missing tweet from Anna. Clearly, MN very well knows Anna's arts but choose to pursue. These came to her attention September 16, 2010. George writes clearly and concisely about the incident and provide at the time of the testimony, no other indication than that he seeks the truth. What then caused him to capsize and blight the lives of Craig Murray as he page after page of Murray blog called a liar is more difficult to understand [ ] 


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The full sentence is and it is true maybe it is just this that the UK courts have given the green light. They have never given the green light for him to hit and interrogated as part of a criminal investigation. ICJ says not really YES to hit for trial, only that the granting of the handover based on the finten from MNs page. Göran Rudling who will participate in the seminar have a newly written article (19th Sept) on his site where he argues that JA is "charged". I have not idats read it, but it's at . Suspect Brita Sundberg-Weitman's more interesting to listen to.


Göran Rudling on September 22, 2012 at 10:56 pm said:
I know it is difficult for a foreigner to understand the Swedish criminal process since you cannot translate the terms we use and make sense of it. So you ignorance is excused. I don’t know your nationality so I don’t know how to best explain the concepts of Swedish procedures to your criminal procedures.
I assume you are English. I note that you seem to be unfamiliar with the English criminal procedure as well.

We have a taxi driver who is a self-proclaimed super-expert in both Swedish and English law, exceptional.

Is it plausible that he is hiding his real agenda, pointing out the AA as a scapegoat (easy) and get focus from SW?

All right. Why will not replace SW fill bolt CBO that target ownership assistance? It is full Communion thoroughly senseless to SW CBO sees as the best Sweden has to offer. Thus, the mentally retarded is she? Has it come to somewhere that she is severely mentally retarded?

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