September 26, 2012

Detained to please Sweden, no questions asked for justice

Flashback By Espressino  

Ursprungligen postat av O.s.a. 
Now, yes, but he was detained for Swedish account good long while before he asked for asylum, but the prosecutor followed the law. I suspect that you simply do not bother to think about how it would be interpreted.
And it would  Be interesting to read a response from the prosecutor to a question referring to what you mention in your post and wonder how has she in this case followed the law?
Can you refer to it and get the prosecutor's actions tried versus misconduct (during ongoing case)? It?
What is his legal status in / for the UK now, arrested, fugitive abroad, asylerad (or whatever you may call it)?

It is high time to put the prosecution in a short choke. It is obvious that they have long lives as a nyfrälse the operation and further away from reality. Stuck in their old statutes, though convinced of their own excellence, far beyond any form of scrutiny. Their conception of justice does not fit with the values of ordinary people, so in an effort to educate forget the most essential, that power emanates from the people.

All trained in the same school, the internal debate is almost nonexistent, scratching his back and make a name for themselves in the public case seems to be a strong engine, but to seek real justice is mostly a game for the gallery.

Political jurors, intricate conflicts of interest, clubs mutual admiration society where sex takes precedence (Hilda). Lambertz, Diesen, Leijonhufvud, Van der Kwast, Marianne Ny is no exception, they are all trained in the system. It is always difficult to see system errors when you're sitting in the middle of the error, but from the outside with a different perspective, it is obvious, the machinery has broken down. The debate marked by inbreeding and lack of internal debate.

Meanwhile, people are forced to live their lives in a world where everything ofriare mere thought of another life seem intimidating and obstructive, perhaps even actionable.

The fact that in a democracy by force to create a passive mass trying to escape punishment by crouch, is counterproductive and ultimately atrophies the very social body. The good forces leave, leaving a bland So who in their elevated complacency beats his chest in some sort of national frenzy well aware that when it comes we are able naught.

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