September 24, 2012

Recurring theory is AA was after revenge but wanted SW as scapegoat

By Espressino

Ursprungligen postat av wtfuk
We have a taxi driver who is a self-proclaimed super-expert in both Swedish and English law, exceptional.
Is it plausible that he is hiding his real agenda, pointing out the AA as a scapegoat (easy) and get focus from SW?

All right. Why will not replace SW fill bolt CBO that target ownership assistance? It is full Communion thoroughly senseless to SW CBO sees as the best Sweden has to offer. Thus, the mentally retarded is she? Has it come to somewhere that she is severely mentally retarded?

Hard to say, one things is for sure. SW has been advised to the one than the other. I'm not so sure, even if Anna claims that the other woman was just driving to SW fully understood what she was part in. Going to SöS for rapekit investigation is not automatically equal to the notification, but it's an effective message to Assange that we are serious. Obey or we sign. We want to humiliate yourself by forcing yourself to an STD test point, right?

The hypothesis, however bad rhymes with how it then precipitated. My personal view is that Anna wanted to give back, but let SW do the job. AA only missed one little detail, from the moment she said she experienced anything like it suddenly became public prosecution and she was suddenly on the cart. When the Finné spent the bulk, what was left was Anna's part, so it was important to get with SW on the train again. Therefore she contacted then Gehlin to hear how it went and CBO in the same case, get SW on the train. It was actually Anna who got the CBO to challenge the MN. What I still do not understand is what came between the abandonment and MN reexamination. condoms were already secured!

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