September 29, 2012

Swedish Amnesty purpose corrupted by feminism

Flashback by GummoGunnmo 

Ursprungligen postat av espressino
No, at first glance, it looks as if someone panicked and crafted together a politically correct answer! It was, after all, an outspoken feminist who got in, so the answer was in the cards. Disunited within Amnesty on guarantees for Assange

It will certainly be a continuation of this, so why not email Amnesty and ask the question, how the hell did this happen?

Edit: there appears to be an order of jobs feminist perspective

Swedish Amnesty is well infiltrated and eaten from the inside since long. Read, for example, report "Case closed. Rape and human rights in the Nordic countries."

Page after page of empty phrases as "unequal power relations between men and women," crescent violence against women "," deeply rooted patriarchal gender norms "," discriminatory attitudes about female and male sexuality "," beliefs about one könetrs inferiority "and so on.

The troublesome requirement "intent" to Swedish Amnesty remove, lack of evidence is produced exclusively a poor excuse from judiciary to put down a case, and it is said straight out that 60,000 rapes are committed each year. False accusations are said to be so rare that they are negligible, and although the constituent elements of rape are not met, the notification shall not be considered as groundless (!) Detention should be used more extensively, rape definition will be further expanded and special rape judges will be employed to get better spin on ruljansen. The fact that so few defendants convicted dismissed as "discrimination against girls and women," and disgust for the fact that the accused is acquitted in the first place runs like a red thread through the entire text.

It was a long time ago I stopped giving money to them.

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