February 4, 2011

Witness 'I'

Assange in Sweden: Witness 'I'
Transcript of the ninth and final witness statement in the preliminary police investigation.

STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — Nine witnesses were interrogated in conjunction with the preliminary police investigation into the allegations made against Julian Assange. Some of these interrogations were conducted by telephone and therefore 'conceptual' in nature; others took place on location and were recorded and thereafter transcribed.

The interrogation of witness 'I' was conducted on the telephone by Mats Gehlin on 27 October (63 days after the case was filed) starting at 17:00 and concluding at 17:25.

The protocol reveals witness 'I' is a work colleague of Sofia Wilén. It may be inferred from the protocol that witness 'I' also lives in Enköping. There are however no records of anyone with her name in that area and in fact there is only one person in Sweden registered with the same name - but at an address south of Stockholm and perhaps two hours or more by public transport from Enköping.

The witness is referred to as 'I'.
I said she was a work colleague of Sofia's at the natural history museum where they both had hourly wages.

Sofia spoke some weeks earlier with I about her interest in wikileaks [sic] and Julian Assange. Sofia read a lot about the organisation on the Internet and she thought Julian Assange was very interesting as he seemed very intelligent and did good things.

I heard that Sofia got a seat at the lecture Julian was to hold in Stockholm. Sofia told her she'd mailed the arrangers and been granted admission. She was very excited and nervous before the lecture. I said they'd had contact on the day of the lecture. Sofia was happy and excited when she was on her way to the lecture.

I received several SMS messages from Sofia during the lecture, amongst other things that she was supposed to purchase a cable for Julian's computer and later that Sofia would be eating lunch with him. For example I received an SMS message that read: 'he looked at me'.

Later I learned that Sofia would be taking Julian to the museum where she worked in the information department. They arrived and Sofia borrowed I's badge. I discovered she needed the badge and went into the staff room where they were sitting. Julian sat and was surfing on the Internet and Sofia sat next to him. Then they went into Cosmonova to see the movie. When they came out after the movie Sofia told her She [sic] and Julian had been making out inside Cosmonova.

I said they had a lot of contact and she doesn't remember what was sent via SMS or if they spoke on the telephone. She knows Sofia was waiting for Julian on an occasion and that they traveled to Enkökping. The night of the incident I was lying asleep and awakened when she received SMS messages from Sofia. What I remembers the contents weren't positive. That it had been bad sex, that Julian was nuts. That she has to go test herself because of his long foreplay. In the morning I recollects that they spoke with one another when Sofia was in the store to buy breakfast. Sofia was pissed that she had to buy everything and treat to breakfast as well as cater to him. She was bothered by him.

I didn't get to hear about the assault until the day after or if it was two days after and got the impression Sofia was very worried she could have been infected. Sofia told her then that she'd told Julian she could be pregnant so Julian said it was nothing to worry about and they'd name the child 'Afghanistan'. He'd pay off her student loans if she kept the baby.

They talked a bit when Sofia had gone to the police and the media blitz began. Sofia was very upset over the media attention and was mad with Julian. They spoke and sent SMS messages to each other. I doesn't remember directly what they said or wrote, but that they spoke about going to Expressen, this because Julian had spoken to Aftonbladet. This was only something they said and they had no intention of actually doing it. I has in any case not spoken with any newspaper.

I said Sofia had been contacted by a newspaper in the US and then I joked with Sofia about asking for a lot of money.

The chief interrogator asked about the SMS message when I wrote that they have to figure out a good plan of revenge.

I said that this wasn't either something they planned to do. It was more an expression for Sofia's frustration. I has tried to support and agree with Sofia in their conversations. She wanted to help Sofia in a difficult situation.

I also wants to point out that she's spoken so much with Sofia that it's difficult to remember what was said and what was not said. I wants to point out that when Sofia was at the hospital and went to the police, things didn't turn out as Sofia wanted. She only wanted Julian to test himself. She felt she'd been overrun by the police and others around her.

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