February 2, 2011

Witness 'D'

Assange in Sweden: Witness 'D'
Transcript of the fourth witness statement in the preliminary police investigation.

STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — Nine witnesses were interrogated in conjunction with the preliminary police investigation into the allegations made against Julian Assange. Some of these interrogations were conducted by telephone and therefore 'conceptual' in nature; others took place on location and were recorded and thereafter transcribed.

The interrogation of 'Witness D' was conducted by Mats Gehlin in person on 13 September (24 days after the case was filed). The 'conceptual interrogation' began at 09:09 and concluded at 09:25.

Mats Gehlin has also acted as chief interrogator or police interrogation witness in some of the recorded interrogations including that of Julian Assange.

The witness is referred to in this narrative as either 'the witness' (direct translation) or 'D'.
The witness says she knows Sofia through work. They're 'better colleagues'. The witness says she and Sofia began work there at the natural history museum about two years ago and had hourly wages. The witness now has a monthly salary but Sofia still works by the hour.

The witness says she's had a lot explained to her about the case. She didn't know Sofia and Assange had been at the museum. She says Sofia tried to ring her but she hadn't had her phone with her at the time. Sofia told her what happened when next they worked together.

Sofia told her she'd been at a lecture with Assange and there'd been a lunch afterwards. Assange went back to Sofia's flat after the lunch. Sofia said Assange wanted to have sex with her but Sofia said she didn't want sex without a condom.

Sofia said that when she was lying half asleep, she woke up to discover Assange was inside her. Sofia then asked him what he was wearing and Assange was to have replied 'I am wearing you'. D said Sofia didn't notice he entered her but it was when he was already inside she woke up. The witness said that Sofia didn't resist because she thought it was too late. Sofia also said she doesn't have sex with Assange but rather Assange had sex with her.

Sofia told the witness Assange didn't want to leave in the morning and Sofia was forced to take a sick day from work because she didn't want to leave Assange alone in the flat as she didn't know him.

The witness says they spoke about many intimate things and already before this incident Sofia told her she doesn't have sex without a condom. This to protect herself against diseases and pregnancy.

The witness says Sofia has felt bad after the incident and that this feeling has been exacerbated by the attention of the media.

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