February 2, 2011

Witness 'B'

Assange in Sweden: Witness 'B'
Transcript of the second witness statement in the preliminary police investigation.

STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — Nine witnesses were interrogated in conjunction with the preliminary police investigation into the allegations made against Julian Assange. Some of these interrogations were conducted by telephone and therefore 'conceptual' in nature; others took place on location and were recorded and thereafter transcribed.

The interrogation was conducted on the telephone by Mats Gehlin on 8 September (19 days after the case was filed).

The protocol submitted by Gehlin states the interrogation began at 04:40 in the morning and concluded at 10:05 the same day. Considering the brevity of the interrogation, it's likely Gehlin is guilty of a typo and not correcting it and the correct start time is instead 09:40.

The witness is referred to in this narrative as 'B'.
B states she's a childhood friend of Sofia. They've known each other since they were 11-12 years old. They lived and still live in Enköping. They meet or speak with each other regularly.

B states that several weeks before the incident, Sofia talked about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Sofia admired his work and the WikiLeaks organisation. Sofia said he seemed good and smart as well as courageous when he's threatened because of his work.

On a later occasion Sofia told B she'd seen Assange was to give a lecture in Sweden and she was going to attend. B doesn't know how Sofia got a ticket to the lecture. She thinks Sofia just went there or reserved a seat in some way.

B got an SMS message after the lecture from Sofia. Sofia was euphoric she'd been allowed to tag along to the lunch afterwards. She sat next to Assange and got to chat with him. B knows that they also hung out after the lunch and can have gone to the museum but B isn't certain. B doesn't know what can have happened at the museum.

B next spoke with Sofia on the morning Assange slept over at Sofia's. She can't remember if it was a phone call or SMS messages. Sofia said things didn't feel good and she wanted him gone. Sofia said Assange changed when he arrived at her place and had become and entirely different person and Sofia regretted letting him sleep over.

Sofia told B she felt worse and worse after the incident. She told her the uncomfortable part was that Assange had unprotected sex with her when she was asleep. Sofia also said Assange had nagged and tried to have unprotected sex with Sofia during the night but Sofia got him to wear a condom. Sofia had spoken to Assange several times about condoms.

Sofia also told B that Assange talked strangely, as if he wanted Sofia to get pregnant. He said things as if he wanted to make women pregnant. He supposedly said he preferred virgins because then he'd be the first one to make them pregnant.

B asked Sofia why she didn't push Assange away when she understood he didn't have a condom. Sofia replied that she was so shocked and paralysed and couldn't really understand what was happening. She'd tried talking to him.

B is certain Sofia wouldn't let things happen just because she admired him and he was a celebrity. But it can have meant something that he was older. B doesn't know if Sofia was afraid of Assange.

B says she'd seen in the newspaper that Sofia knew the other woman and she asked Sofia about this. Sofia told her 'yes now I do - but not before the lecture'.

B says Sofia wanted Assange to take an STD test. Sofia took a test but it takes a lot longer to get the results. Things would go faster if Assange took a test.

B doesn't know how it happened that Sofia went to the police.

Read back and approved.

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