August 19, 2012

The Assange case a threat to the Swedish law

Published 2012-08-19 00:50

Hunted man. The Swedish judicial treatment of Julian Assange can be described as harassment. Meanwhile, media coverage was biased in favor of the political establishment. Now the Ombudsman dismissed our complaint of prosecutor Marianne Ny, writes journalists Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren.

The legal circus surrounding the case Julian Assange has now proportions unprecedented in legal history. No other man than just Julian Assange should be hunted in this way across several continents for the alleged crimes rape and sexual molestation.

We have therefore notified the prosecutor Marianne Ny to the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman, because of her handling of the case. But JO Hans Gunnar Axberger dismissed, oddly enough, the thing day after Assange granted asylum, citing the ongoing legal trial.

Fact of the matter is quite simple. Julian Assange had sex with two women on separate occasions during his stay in this country. The two women went to a female police inspector, who was acquainted with one of the two, with the intent to persuade Assange to undergo an HIV test. But then rape subject to public prosecution established police inspector instead of a notification. Neither of the two women had certainly no idea what proportion of the visit to the police the woman would get. A prosecutor decided to seek Assange arrested in his absentia, although he remained in the country. The next day found another prosecutor that there was no basis for the claims and dropped the matter.

August 30, 2010 questioned Assange, who denied the offense. The next day turned lawyer Claes Borgström, who had offered to be the target ownership assistance for the two women, to his old friend, the prosecutor Marianne Ny, who in turn decided to open the case again.

Julian Assange remained in Sweden in order to be available for interviews during the entire five weeks, until 27 September, when he left the country after receiving permission from the Prosecutor's Office. In this situation, Marianne Ny issued a European arrest warrant. Several times, Assange then offered to be questioned in London or via video link. Something prosecutor, oddly enough, categorically rejected even though it happened in other cases.

We are, like Julian Assange's International Bar, the famous Spaniard Baltasar Garzón, deeply concerned about the lack of guaranteed security and transparency, and on what legal grounds action has been taken against Julian Assange. The harassment he has suffered has resulted in his physical and mental health has suffered severe damage.

Threats against his person is further complicated by the complex behavior that Marianne Ny, representing the Swedish state, has caused him.

This has meant that Julian Assange's basic rights and freedoms under the United Nations, and his human rights under the European Convention has been declared out of play.

When people seek political asylum usually involve seeking shelter from a rogue state, and in this case appears to the alleged State Sweden just such a rogue. It is good enough to refer to the cases Thomas Quick / Sture Bergwall or Catrine da Costa in finding completely devastating comparisons.

The two journalists, with many decades of experience in press, radio and television, both in Sweden and abroad, finds with increasing horror how uncritical and biased in favor of the political establishment journalism in the case Assange is.

Everything seems to go on at all costs to get Assange surrendered here to the kingdom, instead of critically examining prosecutor Marianne Nys behavior in a perfect combination with his friend lawyer Claes Borgström. New Prosecutors, for example, in a narrow group said that "even if I am wrong, I change me."

The arrest memo from 2010 in over one hundred pages available online for anyone and everyone, it is clear that the two women themselves sought contact with Assange. The leaked arrest memo was a legal bomb, which is now forgotten and buried in all the tours around the lawsuit in London, the flight to Ecuador's Embassy and the question of how Assange might be able to get away away the Swedish, now so prestigious, the machinery of justice.

The case of Julian Assange has revealed the State feminism and its propaganda machinery at present in force in this country. It is a machine which manshat spirit radical feminists without historical roots, interact with journalists who do not understand journalism critical task and members of the judiciary who pursue a career in the now statutory equality.

A machine that looks ordinary Swedish men as potential rapists and already condemned Julian Assange of sex crimes, before any trial took place. In this way, the man with the status of a rock star has turned into one of the world's most hunted men. The free feminism was kidnapped in the late 1980s, disarmed and renamed the Equality and incorporated in the power apparatus. Equality elevated to state norms and ideology and became a career ladder, not least in politics, bureaucracy and judiciary.

Many of urfeministerna disappeared for universities and became elite feminists and did struggle to science. Sex was gender and the target was no longer the state apparatus, but turned over to the men as gender and sexual beings. The prevailing gender totalitarian ideology taken up by many traditional media that can state matters.

On another edge, especially in the tabloids, sell sex like never before in a way that transformed the notion of cynicism to an "understatement". The Assange case tickles journalists a rare unprecedented unilateralism seduces readers, listeners and viewers. In addition, moralistic pundits across the country scream for justice for the debased women, without any reflection on what really happened those days in August 2010 between Julian Assange and the two women.

How the case ends may well be decisive on whether Sweden should continue to call for a constitutional state, where civil rights are not violated and the European Convention on Human Rights is worth more than the ink it was written with.

Helene Bergman, journalist

Anders Carlgren, journalist

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