August 23, 2012

Assange was cleared to leave Sweden

End replica., in its reply to our article "The Assange case a threat to the Swedish law," avoiding women defense lawyer Claes Borgström go over the main question of why not Julian Assange can be interrogated in London. It was the prosecutor Marianne Ny himself who gave him permission to travel there! It writes Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren in a final reply.

In a letter dated September 14, 2010 asking Julian Assange's former lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, Marianne Ny if there are no obstacles for Julian Assange to travel abroad, as Julian has urgent business there. In a letter dated 24 november 2010 from Marianne Ny, the Svea Court of Appeal, she writes the following:

"... In answer to the lawyer Hurtig if there were no legal obstacles for Julian Assange to leave Sweden I replied that there was not that."

She then changed her mind and repeatedly encountered lawyer Hurtig and wanted to hold hearings in Sweden.
Julian Assange left Sweden therefore in good faith.
Sorry do not want Borgström admit that he himself is part of the state feminist propaganda machinery, including the former Equal Opportunities Ombudsman. He thinks it is embarrassing that we mention the word state feminism.

The Socialist Student Association debated writing Libertas define Katrine Kielos (2005) State Feminism as follows:

"When government bodies and agencies engaged in feminist change with reforms and legislation."

In our article, we argue that when the free feminism kidnapped and turned into state equality became also a career ladder for politicians and civil servants with no historical sense and knowledge of feminism.

Claes Borgström itself is an excellent example of this. He was appointed to the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, before becoming Social Democrat spokesperson on gender issues. A person shall promote equality between men and women, while he claims that ALL men carrying a collective guilt for the violence against women.

Borgström argue that we do not know that there is inequality in Sweden. Then I can, Helene Bergman, enlighten lawyer Borgström, that I for thirty years, long before Borgström was JämO, actively worked in and for feminism, not least as a journalist and d on including as host of women's program Radio Ellen on Swedish Radio. I am still a feminist, but also for justice.

Claes Borgström - a rule should the suspect be treated with respect and as innocent until he or she is convicted in court.

Helene Bergman, journalist Anders Carlgren, journalist

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