August 30, 2012

Protesters removed from front of Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Aug 29, 2012 - 24 mins ago in World

London - Protesters and supporters of Julian Assange are being removed, or told to leave, from the street in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Concern is that the police may be planning to raid the embassy.

Supporters of Julian Assange, including Occupy London members, are being told to remove their belongings, otherwise they will be confiscated by the police. All barricades in front of the embassy have also been removed and supporters have been told to leave. 

People have been warned that arrests and pepper spray may follow later this evening if supporters try to remain on the scene. Supporters were told that they were obstructing the traffic in the street.

Concerns are being voiced on the livestream that the police may be planning to breach the embassy to arrest Assange, despite reassurances to Ecuador by the U.K. that police will not raid the embassy. On the livestream, the citizen journalist feels they are removing the people from the area so that no one would be watching should they enter the embassy. This is purely conjecture at this stage.

A few moments ago, around ten police officers entered the building containing the embassy. The citizen journalist did say that the building is also shared by the Colombian embassy, and that this does not necessarily mean the police are encroaching on Ecuador's sovereign territory. Two police vans are stationed in front of the building, one with its engine running. 

A livestream is currently running here for anyone wishing to get the latest updates.
The video above is a recording of the livestream earlier this evening.

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