January 15, 2013

Was Marianne Ny aware that 20/8, 26/8 version were not identical?


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... The "necessary changes" probably with SWS collapse to do.
... If there was something about the tricks they should Hurtig have reacted, he was actually in the custody hearing. (He has lot of relevant comments on the prosecutor's handling, however, objectivity mm. Derived in the hearing in the UK)
Hmmm ... There have been very ambitious attempt in the thread to compare the two versions of the hearing.

Yes hearing of 20/8 is known, but with big strikeout in the text. Revision as of 26/8 is known by hapm. The heading "Offence" seems the way to be one of the necessary changes., Most "necessary" changes seem to be under the heading "Offence".

In addition to wire their own analysis of the difference, there is an interesting discussion in this book: Guy J Sims: Julian Assange in Sweden-what really happened. It's a quick and dirty book that borrowed extensively from the Flashback, but contains more than that. It can be downloaded for $ 3.

Parts of Chapter 9 and the entire Chapter 37 is about the changes that have been made in the interview with Sofia. It's a bit complicated to follow attempts to figure out the difference between the two versions in English. But it's well done. I cut out an interesting conclusion, which shows that Hurtig probably not aware that the original hearing had been changed.

"Was Marianne Ny aware of the fact the 20/8 version and the 26/8 version were not identical? Julian Assange's lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, was Clearly unaware of it, Because in his appeal document to the Svea Court of Appeal dated 19th November 2010 (Opposing the
detention orders of Julian Assange) he quotes the Subheading "The assault" and the paragraph during it, claen "he had pulled on the condom only over the gloss, '" she came to, Feeling him pushing into her "and" You better do not have HIV. "

In addition:

"Marianne Ny was slow in Providing the Sofia Wilén interrogation (26/8 version) to Assange's lawyers. His first lawyer, Silbersky had not Received it on 1 September ("[Silbersky was] ... critical of the fact That he had not been given the investigation information" - Expressen) and apparently had still not Received it on 7 September ("Silbersky, who is still Assange's lawyer for the time being, says he knows nothing more about the course of the investigation and what Suspected offences are being Investigated than is presented in the media." - Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet). Assange's Subsequent lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, still had not Received it on Tuesday 14 September, "I asked Marianne Ny to at least Disc lose any documents relevant to the case." That was two weeks after Marianne Ny had roofs over the case against Assange. "


Wreath original version has "improved" with Gehlins "necessary changes", and then have tried to keep the knowledge of this away from Assange's lawyers. Stinks not it?

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