January 7, 2013

Assange and his concerned anti-allies

 Mr Assange is a fit and proper person
I made a responsible choice to support Mr Julian Assange until he gets his unconditional freedom. No-one is to convince me if I am right or wrong as I make my own decisions from my own research.

The picture below is an exchange with Sandra K. Eckersley who is in the mission to save the 'proper' governments.

Anybody attempting to insult my intelligence is not worth considering my time.

I am not happy with the present Australian government neither band is worth my vote. I FREELY chose to vote for Mr Assange if he runs for the Senate on the next elections in 2013, my choice, my vote.

To the non-supporters:

If Mr Assange's agenda does not suit the country then, what will be the difference with the crimes/
inaccuracies committed by our present parliamentary executives?

With the present government, our citizens are no worth of appropriate representation and as with our first action at the UN where Palestine needed our so 'humanistic' support, our vote was an abstention as our politicians on both sides owe few holiday favours to Israel, as they have been ‘convinced’ that terrorism exists even though, our government representatives know well why terrorism subsist.  Our politicos simply continue playing the Israeli-USA mafia-game. With this type of politics then, where is the improvement we have expected all these decades if we are bought with peanuts and holocaust tears?

Mr Assange means a change to the political incompetence we are enduring at present.

Or we stand for our nationals, our country citizens or we simply continue under subjugation. We were a colony of UK, even though we are still under the Commonwealth, we have reached our independence, we simply do not need anybody to convince us that we need to continue under US 'control' and their so called 'protection', we make our minds ourselves.

Thanks but no thanks for the interest... it is up to Mr Assange’s supporters to make our own decisions if he is fit and a proper person, our unique choice, not the trollers, not the well-intentioned ‘preachers’.

Mr Julian Assange has my support all the way, if someone is unhappy with my decision... well... it is their problem, as long as I am happy with my choices... All is Well in my world.


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