December 20, 2012

Zero Dark 30 - Senate Armed Services Cte

Well this a US best joke from Carl Levin and John McCain, Senate Armed Services Committee... preaching Sony Pictures on Zero Dark 30 movie.

1) Torture is a violation of the Geneva Conventions but the CIA and USA agencies used it by then and still use it.

2) The use of torture caused severe damage to USA's values but it is still used.

a) it was not long ago used on Bradley Manning, that was torture
b) it was used and it's still used on Guantanamo prisoners to obtain information they the prisoners ignored and it was and it's still used to show USA has the power to abuse humanity
c) it is used at present with the drones
d) it is used by supporting terrorist diplomats like Israel and Sweden
e) it is used on anybody who vents USA and any other governments wrong doings like in the cases of; Assange, Manning, Hammond, Brown, and many others

3) Demanding Social and Moral obligations from others but do the CIA or any of the other intelligence agencies practice Social and Moral obligations towards the citizens of the country and of the world?

It travels both ways...

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