December 1, 2012

Sweden is rotten to the core, their compliance to US

Unfortunate but true: Sweden is rotten to the core 

SOP confirms that he attended the meeting on 17 december when the expulsion was decided. His denial of the Foreign Office was aware that the U.S. was involved in the bounce was later refuted in Eva Franckells book about Anna Lind. She shows that both Anna Lind, Thomas Bodström and Persson knew.
While other high officials in government offices than Peterson seems to have been involved in Egyptiendeal. Eva Franchell published in his book, an email in which the then Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström must have been informed about the upcoming deportation in the presence of the right managers at the Ministry of Justice. At this time the name was right managers Fredrik Wersäll and Christina Weihe. (They are mentioned by name in the email.) [*see below translation*]

In the right manager's duties included, I suppose, to sound the alarm if something is not consistent with the legal framework would be considered or last. It would be interesting to know what the right managers had to say about the legality of the proceedings against the Egyptians.

It has been pointed out that no responsibility, legal or political, is required of any of those who were involved in the deal with the Egyptians. Weihe was promoted to Director of Legal Affairs in the Prime Minister, Wersäll to the justices, Attorney General, and finally president of the Svea Court of Appeal. As president of the Svea Court of Appeal, he took the decision to put himself to the chairman of the remand hearing concerning Julian Assange. Brita SW has remarked that it was inappropriate because a high prosecutor (Marianne Ny) reputation was at stake, and Wersäll just been Attorney General. But maybe Wersäll had their special reasons, we do not know.

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The evidence against Bodström

The minister knew of the deportation in 2001

Here is the email from Eva Franc Hells book that shows that Thomas Bodström knew about the expulsion of two terror suspects Egyptians before it was executed.
Bodstrom according to the e-mail have been informed of the presence of the Department of Justice the right managers.
Former Minister of Justice has previously claimed that he was informed several weeks afterwards.

Leading representatives of the then Social Democratic government has always had the Anna Lindh take responsibility for the deportation of the two Egyptians.

Preparation of the case

Now reveals Anna Lindh friend and former press secretary, journalist Eva Franchell working at Aftonbladet editorial, both Persson and Thomas Bodström knew what would happen.
In an email from the Justice Department to the State Department, where Lindh was head writes an expert on how the two legal executives been involved in the preparation of the case, together with the Minister.

Formerly classified

The e-mail does not mention Thomas Bodström named, but according to Eva Franchell is what he referred to. The email is part of a comprehensive research material that formed the basis for the allegations in the book. Following a government decision in spring 2008, Eva Franchell take part of declassified documents on the expulsion of the Egyptians.
Thomas Bodström has been on mission in Australia and set the night on the flight home to Sweden. His press secretary Linda Romanus informs that the former Minister of Justice did not want to comment until he read Franc Hells book.

Persson remembers differently

Former Prime Minister Göran Persson did yesterday does not comment on details from the book. But he was writing through his press secretary that he did not recognize himself in the way Eva Franchell describes the proceedings.
– I have a different recollection. However, it is impossible for me to comment on various details closer without first had the opportunity to read the book, writes Persson in the press release.

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