March 11, 2011

Swedish Assange Case Inspector Outed

'OMFG what a smell from Sweden!'

KRONBORG (Rixstep) — The olfactory senses of people visiting Hamlet's castle today were hit by another whiff of the corrupt. But they've learned by now it's not something rotten in Denmark - the stench comes from their neighbour to the east. Sweden.

Things began calmly enough when Sweden's premier jackal reporter Niklas Svensson (he who'd stolen the original Assange story from his colleagues) announced a 'world scoop' that was anything but.

The story? Stockholm Klara police interrogator Irmeli Krans who took the testimony of Sofia Wilén on 20 August was in fact a friend of Anna Ardin.

But this has been known for months - data's been leaking to Flashback from the police all along.
Irmeli Krans hangs out in the same circles as Anna Ardin, is a somewhat more successful Social Democrat politician than Anna Ardin, and guested her friend's lesbian nightclub on at least one occasion. They're friends on Facebook too.
[Irmeli Krans guests Anna Ardin's lesbian nightclub (far right). image location:,00,00]

So Niklas Svensson's and Expressen's 'world scoop' was anything but. Yet two tidbits popped up through the day: comments police inspector Krans left on her Facebook page.

'Assange - a overhyped balloon ready to burst.'
 - Irmeli Krans

Then when she heard the Belmarsh verdict on 24 February.

'Go Claes Borgström!!'
 - Irmeli Krans

Shut Out
Krans was shut out of the police investigation after the first day and discovered she'd been locked out of the system when she tried to edit her 20 August interrogation with Sofia Wilén on the following Monday 23 August.

Neither was she part of the team who presented the Assange case to prosecutor on duty Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand - it was thought she was against calling the event 'rape' where the others - Mats Gehlin and Linda Wassgren - were for it. This before Wilén's testimony was completed and forwarded to the prosecutor.
[Forhor: Image location:,00,01]

The Real Story
But all the above is 'old hat': it's been known for months. Not merely through Flashback but by the fact the Swedish media have had copies of the police files since time immemorial and have been able to connect the dots just like the crew at the forum.

It seems no one bothered to study the protocols, consult
Flashback, or do some good old investigative journalism. Not even convicted felon ace reporter Niklas Svensson.

So why now? Why fake this scoop now of all times? As they say in Swedish: 'därom tvistar de lärde' - that's what the learned are talking about.

One thing's fairly certain: the story about Irmeli Krans could have been written months ago and the minimal hunting at Facebook could have been done then too. But it wasn't - in other words: the story isn't the story. As per usual with Sweden's Old Media. Marianne Ny had a comment on the fracas as well.

'Chief prosecutor Marianne Ny can't comment on the new information in the media about the Assange case.'

Stay tuned.,00.shtml

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