August 28, 2010

Anna Ardins refined revenge?

August 2010

Anna Ardins refined revenge?

Anna Ardin, which is one of the complainants by Julian Assange, had constructed a list of its now closed blog if any woman was thinking of revenge.

"One of the reasons for revenge

I have been a part of revenge in recent days, and came across a very good page which inspired me to this seven point hämndinstruktion on Swedish.

Step 1

think about very carefully if you really must take revenge.

It is almost always better to forgive than to avenge

Step 2

think about why you should take revenge. You need not, therefore, just to be clear about who you will be avenged on but also why. vengeance will never be directed toward only one person, but also respond to a particular document.

Step 3

proportionality. Remember that vengeance is not only to match it in size but also in nature. A good revenge is linked to that which has been made against you. For example, if you want to take revenge on someone who has been unfaithful or who dumped you, so should the punishment be something with dejting /SEX/TROHET to do.

Step 4

Make a brainstorm on the appropriate measures for the category of revenge you are looking for. In order to continue the example above, you may paja your offers current relationship, fix so that his new partner is unfaithful or see to it that he may be a maniac after itself. Use your imagination!

Step 5

think out how you can take revenge systematically. Perhaps a series letter and the photo to get the new to believe that you have seen more than just a great lie at a single time?

Step 6

ranking your systematic hämndscheman from low to high in terms of likely successful implementation, the required input from you, and degree of satisfaction if you succeed.

The ideal vengeance is, of course, as high as possible in these piles, but often, a greater effort of labor and capital produce safer output for the other two, in fact more important parameters.

Step 7

go to work.

And remember that your goal is while you are operating, see to it that your victim may suffer in the same way as he got you to suffer."

Anna Ardin was the invited Julian Assange to Sweden. She has worked as his press secretary when he has been here. It was she who arranged the seminar with Assange in LO-bail.

She is a very pronounced feminist activist, then extremfeminist. She may be motivated to make a declaration of principle, and ideological reasons.

She has been studying in Uppsala, Sweden, and there has been dealing with gender equality at studentkåren. We all know how it looks in Uppsala, Sweden, with Eva Lundgren as driving Professor in consideration.

She twittrade on to Assange kräftskiva wanted to go on.

She twittrade on to Assange kräftskiva wanted to go on. It was there, or after it, that the alleged rape occurred.

Piratpartiet has erased all of the images and all the information that shows Anna Ardins and Julian Assanges dealings.

Anna Ardins blog is nedstängd and she has erased the twitter which was about her and Julian Assange. According to Peter Weiderud Broderskapsrörelsen President for it is she who has notified Julian Assange for sexual harassment.

She is now on sick leave

if she came in with their 'raped' friend to Citypolisen, in order to consult, so they would be taken very seriously indeed. As I have written earlier. There need be no conspiracy in Sweden, just plain simple feminism for that everything will go to pot!

Chief Prosecutor Eva Finné rush now to bring themselves into the case and comes with a decision may or may not have been in the morning on how this should be described and how this will go further. We are waiting with bated breath.


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