December 1, 2010

Assange Wanted questioned

1 December 2010 at 14:30, Updated: December 2, 2010 at 07:03

Julian Assange's Swedish lawyer Bjorn Hurtig am very surprised that Interpol has issued a "red notice", that is made to the Australian one of the world's most wanted persons.

- It is very surprising that the Interpol to take such extreme measures to which the Court of Appeal said that a rape of a less serious nature. This seems ridiculous, says Hurtig, who believe that there are other motives behind the decision and prosecutor Marianne Nys refusal to allow Assange set up at a hearing by video link or at a Swedish embassy. 

- There must be something else behind this. It is my immediate reaction. And it is of course about WikiLeaks. Then each draw their own conclusions, says Bjorn Hurtig. 

Lawyer Hurtig has custody negotiations with Assange in the district court and court of appeals prosecutor Marianne Ny suggested that his client would be set up on interrogations overseas. 

- But she refuses. She says that this is such a special case that he must appear in person. It's ridiculous, he will not examine images of damage or something else. I Wheat cat if they are not looking to get his DNA. It's something that feels strange in this case, says Hurtig. 

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calls worldwide by Interpol. 

Interpol announced today that it urged member states to arrest Assange on the occasion of the Swedish you called when he was on probable cause suspected of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. 

Prosecutor Marianne Ny issued November 20 a call for Assange as National Police laid out in three systems: the Swedish, the Schengen system SIS and Interpol. 

Julian Assange was arrested on November 18 in his absence by the Stockholm District Court on suspicion of rape in August in Bandon, three cases of sexual molestation in Stockholm and Enkoping and a case of unlawful coercion in Stockholm. 

The arrest was appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal which dismissed the appeal. The Court of Appeal, however, adjusted offenses of something. A case of sexual assault were rejected and removed while the Court of Appeal scaled down suspected degree rape of a minor felony. 

Assange's lawyer Bjorn Hurtig said afterward that he was "a little pleased" with the Court of Appeal's decision, but decided to appeal to the Supreme Court (HD). 

The lawyer's statement came to HD yesterday and a decision by the court may be earlier than the afternoon.
As the reason for HD should examine the arrest of Assange lawyer Bjorn Hurtig invokes several facts in the case. 

Lawyer questions whether Assange could be arrested because of the danger of flight because he left the country to keep away the Swedish police. According to Bjorn Hurtig police were not initially interested to interrogate Assange and thus was free for him to leave the country. He also claims that it was the police themselves who have placed themselves in the situation that now prevails

Bjorn Hurtig, Assange insists that early was willing to participate in a hearing by telephone. 

If Sweden's Supreme Court cancels warrant against Julian Assange Interpol fall due to global arrest warrant removed. As one might expect that the U.S. would ask Interpol to let the order remain as U.S. authorities want to reach Wikileakschefen. 

But experts who spoke to Reuters questions whether it would be possible to get Assange convicted in a U.S. court and believes that the authorities are facing "insurmountable" obstacles if they want him convicted. 

- It would be very difficult for the U.S. government to prosecute Assange for what he did, said Mark Zaid, attorney and specialist in case of intelligence and espionage. 

A total of three experts on American spy laws state news agency that there would not be enough for a prosecutor to only prove that Assange has been in contact with representatives of a foreign power, but that it also requires proof that he intended to deliver the secret material to it. 

Lyon AFP 

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